1965 - Present  Gary Ciuffo, CKD, President

1989 - Present  Joseph Ciuffo, Vice President

1931 - 2003      Gaspar Ciuffo

our historY

Our Great-Grandfather Gaspare Ciuffo, founder of Ciuffo Furniture, was born in Palermo, Italy in 1876. At the age of 22 he married Petrina Destefano. They had four children while living in Palermo; Salvatore was the oldest, then Nancy, Alfonso and Philamina. In 1912 the family immigrated to the United States, settling in New York City. That is where our furniture heritage all started. His shop produced ecclesiastical wood sculptures for the Catholic Church, as well as hand carved furniture for the general public. Many of the sculptures Great-Grandpa Ciuffo carved can still be seen in New York City including Virgin and Child with St. Joseph at Manhattan City College and the 14 Stations of the Cross on Mulberry Street at the shrine to St. Elois. Ciuffo and Ciuffo Furniture was owned by Gaspare and Alfonso from the mid 1930’s until 1940 when Alfonso moved upstate to Oneida, New York to work and raise his family. Our Great-Grandfather continued to work in his New York City shop until his death from cancer in 1943.

Salvatore Ciuffo (1906-1992)
Salvatore Cuiffo was born in Palermo, Italy, the son of master carver Gaspare Ciuffo. He moved to New York City with his family in 1912 and grew up learning woodworking from his father. Later he went into business on his own doing custom upholstery integrated with carvings and custom furniture. In 1931 he had a son, Gaspare Ciuffo, who also became a master craftsman.

Son of Gaspare Ciuffo, Born in 1922, taught by his father, master wood worked, Angelo, the son of Gaspare, was born in 1922. His father, master wood worker, Gaspare Ciuffo, trained him. He began carving at the age of fifteen at Gaspar’s studio in Manhattan. He kept active in wood working his entire life and has passed on his extensive knowledge to his two nephews Gary and Michael Ciuffo. Angelo visited the factory at least two times a week, until his passing in 2012, just to make sure thing were still being done the right way.

1941 - Present  Lawrence Ciuffo

Mike, son of Gasper, has worked his whole life as a wood worker, developing the skills at a young age to become a master craftsman. His father Gaspar and brother Gary trained Mike. He has helped integrate old world skill with modern technology for Ciuffo Cabinetry. He is currently active in all phases of building and maintaining the high standards of millwork created by the company. He has helped to develop CNC Technology that enables us to create the best custom millwork there is to offer.

Joe, Gary's first son, brings the old world knowledge and craftsmanship that has been ingrained into him front and center. Joe is the 5th generation in a long line of skilled artisans and craftsman. Joe Graduated From S.U.N.Y Oswego State University with a dual major of Economics and Business Administration. Joe has worked his entire life in and around the family business, with additional experience working as a Trust and Estate consultant early on in his career. Joe has been crossed trained on every aspect of design, construction, machinery, as well as hands on knowledge passed down by generations past and present.  Joe is currently active in all phases of the business building, installation, project management and design. Joe Michael along with Gary and Michael Lead Ciuffo Cabinetry into the future.

1909 - 1960 ​    Alfonso Ciuffo

Alfonso Ciuffo was born in Palermo, on the island of Sicily, in 1909. His family immigrated to the United States in 1912 and settled in New York City. He was educated in the New York City school system and attended the Schools of Arts there. In his youth he worked as bench carver for W. J. Sloan and company. His responsibilities included carving chair legs, table legs, case goods, fret work of, apron and anything else that needed carving. This is where he developed his skills as an expert wood carver. While at W. J. Sloan, Alfonso was chosen to carve various pieces of furniture as gifts for President Roosevelt, paid for by his ardent supporters. In 1934 he moved to Oneida New York to take a job as a wood carver and furniture maker. Mastercraft Co. employed Alfonso during WWII. After the war he started his own business called Ciuffo Studio. The business lasted only a few years, not long enough to really become established. His middle son Lawrence would later reestablished Ciuffo studio in San Diego CA, which eventually became L. Ciuffo Studios in 1986.

1922 - 2012     Angelo Ciuffo

1971 - Present  Michael Ciuffo, Vice President

1881 - 1943​     Gaspare Ciuffo

​Gary, Gaspar’s eldest son was born in 1965 and started woodworking at the age of twelve, by helping his father. He developed and increased his knowledge throughout his school years. His father trained Gary in all phases of millwork. After graduating high school, Gary took the front seat right away working side by side with his father and brother to built the business into what it is today. Gary has two sons, Joseph and Christopher.


Gaspar is the son of Salvatore Ciuffo. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1931. Salvatore was the founder of Ciuffo Cabinetry At Ciuffo Cabinetry he taught his sons Gary and Michael, all phases of millwork, at an early age. The boy’s Uncles assisted him in his teachings. Gaspar learned first hand, all the methods of the Ciuffo’s old world craftsmanship. Obtaining all of skill and quality standards handed down from his grandfather. He helped carry these techniques into the new century and led the way for his sons Gary and Michael to combine Old World quality with modern production techniques.

Furniture for most people is something to sit on or something to store things in. For Larry Ciuffo, furniture has always been a work of art and a way of life. Since 1974 he has owned and operated Ciuffo Studios, a furniture restoration and re-finishing business, specializing in preservation of wood to its original color and luster. He is a third generation furniture craftsmen. Many of the old world methods he uses today were learned from his father and grandfather. His grandfather, Gaspare Ciuffo, was a stone sculptor from Palermo, Italy who immigrated to Manhattan and opened a furniture business in 1911. His father Alfonso carried on the family tradition of woodcarving. Larry grew up making furniture and by the time he was twenty years old he had served his apprenticeship emerging as a furniture builder, restorer and re-finisher. A career in the military and construction business interrupted his work until 1974 when he and his family moved to Rancho Penasquitos, in California. He started a furniture business in his garage. Before long he out grew it, expanding Ciuffo Studios to larger quarters in Poway, where his burgeoning cottage industry is currently located. The reputation and integrity of his craftsmanship is promoted by word of mouth and quite often he does work for people in another states, as well as San Francisco and Beverly Hills.

Ciuffo Cabinetry combines Old World craftsmanship with modern technology to provide the finest in custom kitchens and millwork. Ciuffo Cabinetry proudly serves The Hamptons, Long island, The tristate area, Palm Beach, as well as specialty locations all along the East coast. 

Under the ownership of  President Gary Ciuffo, CDK , Ciuffo Cabinetry has been filling the custom cabinetry needs of Long Island and the Tri-State area for over 100 years. From traditional to contemporary, our team of professionals will help to make your vision a reality.

​All work is built to suit your space requirements and design specifications. Ciuffo Cabinetry has a team of project managers who are heavily involved in your project working with all contractors and sub-contractors on site.  Ciuffo cabinetry works directly with end users, architects, designers, builders, and there clients. Ciuffo Cabinetry has a fully staffed, in house  design group available to help you with all aspects of your project. We offer an unlimited range of woods, Finishes, Hand Painted and Factory Painted Cabinetry including high gloss and hand polished gloss, metals, plastics, solid surfaces and laminates.

Ciuffo Cabinetry Proudly offers custom residential: kitchens / vanities / laundry rooms / wall units / Pantries / Bars  / Closets and much, more.  

All work is manufactured at our Deer Park location, professionally transported and installed by Ciuffo Cabinetry personnel. Our meticulous attention to detail can be seen  through the every stage of the process